Google Analytics Tracking

• Track the traffic, sources and engagement of users to analyse the performance of marketing campaigns

• Set up events and goals as per customer journey

• Form customer segments for usage in further marketing campaigns

• Designing of upsell and cross-sell properly to enhance customer lifetime value (LTV).



Google Analytics helps to track traffic on website, its sources, engagement of users, and performance marketing campaigns. It is crucial to efficiently optimise campaign and hence, rigorous implementation of Google Analytics is necessary on a business website. It allows the designing of upsell and cross sell properly to enhance customer lifetime value (LTV).


It entails following benefits:

  • You can control all the required tags for analytics in one place
  • Google Tag Manager comes with a very useful feature called auto-event tracking. Its report can be analysed using Google Analytics.
  • GTM also comes with a number of important built-in tags for classic and Universal Analytics along with Google Ads conversions and remarketing. All their data can be analysed in Google Analytics.

We will help you set up Google Analytics. In case you already have one, we’ll make improvements in it along with some other quick fixes to ensure it functions well and is able to analyse all the data properly.


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