Google Search Campaign

• Showcase your business on Google Search.

• Set up search campaign with keywords highly relavant to search queries.

• Exact Match Keywords with high search volume.

• Lower down CPCs & increases Conversion Rates.

• Dynamic Search Ads campaign included

• Ad extensions included

• Media Spends are not included.

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Want to showcase your business on Google search? Then you have come to the right place.

Our Services:

  • We’ll set up your search campaign with both exact match and broad keywords of your queries.
  • These keywords will be of high search volume.
  • Also, irrelevant queries would be excluded by proper negative keywords.
  • This will ensure highly relevant targeting to the search queries of users searching for your business services.
  • They will be shown relevant ads to increase their interest about your service.
  • Moreover, Dynamic Search Ads Campaigns will also be setup to focus on long tail queries at low cost.

Proper targeting and relevancy helps to lower down CPCs and increases conversion rates.

Choose your no. of keywords and no. of unique ads according to search volume of your business. We’ll only consider no. of keywords incurring any ad spends everyday as part of the setup. Any frivolous keywords incurring spends will not be counted. Similarly, only unique ads will be counted, including ad extensions of all types e.g. Sitelinks, Call extensions, Structures Snippet extensions, etc.


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