Google Search – Smart Responsive Ads

  •  Showcase your business on Google Search.
  •  Set up search campaign with keywords highly relevant to search queries.
  • Get Smart Responsive ads that adapt to show more text & hence, are more relevant.
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Responsive Search Ads help you in creating an ad that adapts to show more text—and hence, more relevant messages—for your customers. You can enter multiple headlines and descriptions while creating a responsive search ad. Thus, over time, Google Ads will automatically test a variety of combinations and learn about the combinations which perform best.
Therefore, by adapting content of your ad to closely match potential customers’ search terms, such type of ads may help in improving your campaign’s performance.

How It Works:

To buy the package, simply select from top the number of responsive search ads that you’d like to run on Google Search.
We’ll set up search campaigns for your service/ product for different keywords.
Moreover, these keywords will be of high search volume.
Also, irrelevant queries would be excluded by proper negative keywords.
This will ensure highly relevant targeting to the search queries of users searching for your business services.
Proper targeting and relevancy helps to lower down CPCs and increases conversion rates.
Also, only unique ads will be counted.


Responsive search ads can help you:
Create flexible ads
Show the most relevant combinations to your customers
Reach more potential customers with multiple headlines and descriptions options
Increase ad group performance by attracting more clicks and conversions


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