Google Smart Shopping Ads

  • Sell e-commerce products on Google Shopping
  • Listing of products with relevant keywords, title & description
  • Proper recommendation of images and pricing given
  • Reach users with high intent
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Do you have products that you want to sell on Google Shopping? Then, our services for Google Shopping Campaign are the perfect fit for you.

Why Google Shopping?

The power of eCommerce audience is huge. This is evident from the fact that:

  1. Reach: Google Shopping has millions of registered users. Not just this, it also has a huge number of daily visitors.
  2. High Engagement: Hours of engagement on Google Shopping is also high. Thus, it can be very useful for your business.
  3. High Purchase Intent: Since users search for a product themselves for shopping, they are known to have high purchase intent.

Other Benefits:

a) Higher Discoverability : Since your products are displayed to the relevant customers, they have higher visibility.

b) Acquiring New Customers: When your products are listed, interested potential customers view your products, thus, increasing your customer base.

c) Increased Sales: Better targeting and better visibility provide higher sales opportunities

Our Services:

  • We’ll help to list your products with relevant keywords.
  • Relevant title and description will also be looked after.
  • Recommendation of images and pricing will also be given.
  • The CPCs will be properly managed to optimise CPA within target limits.

Thus, if you are looking forward to selling your product online on an eCommerce platform,Google Shopping offers all the advantages that one needs. Moreover, with a huge user base, Google Shopping is the perfect opportunity to give a boost to your business. By opting for our services, you can leave the job of product listing to us and we’ll take care of the rest for you.



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