Search Ads Optimisation

• Showcase your business on Google Search

• Set up search campaign with exact match keywords of queries with high search volume.

• Relevant ads shown to users to increase their interest in your service.

• Lower down CPCs & increase Conversion Rates.

• Media Spends are not included.

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Want to showcase your business on Google search? Then, it is important that your ads are optimised. Thus, they’ll be shown to the target prospects to lower down your cost and increase sales of your product.

What We’ll Do:

We’ll optimise your search campaign by enhancing exact match keywords of your queries. These keywords will be of high search volume. They will exactly match the search queries of users searching for your business services. Users will be shown relevant ads to increase their interest about your service. Also, negative keywords will be put up to exclude irrelevant queries. It helps to lower down CPCs and increases conversion rates.

A lot of factors can play role in making your search ad good, better or the best. All your ads will be properly analysed along with reports to know where it is lagging behind. Data generated through reports can have hidden learning. Analyzing it can reveal prevailing gaps and opportunities in the ads campaign. Thus, the data will be optimally utilised to optimise the search ads to bring best results.


  1. You’ll be able to reach the relevant audience.
  2. Since you’ll be able to show ads to relevant users, conversion rates would increase.
  3. This would also lower down the CPC.




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