Search Keywords Research

• Analyse multiple competitor websites ranking on your target keywords for your relevant geography

• Report containing top keywords & monthly search volumes on Google Search along with CPC (Cost per Click)

• Get multiplied returns on Content and PPC efforts.

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Planning to launch a business or a website? Looking for top relevant keywords for it? Our team will help you find keywords with high search and associated value. We will do a thorough analysis of your competitors’ websites rankings basis your target keywords for the relevant geography. A consolidated report with all keywords with monthly search volumes on Google search along with CPC shall be handed over to you.

For this, we’ll use various tools including Keywords Planner.

Keyword Planner is a tool which helps in providing not just keyword ideas but also traffic estimates which will help you in building a Search Network campaign. Using this, you can:

  • Search for either keyword or ad groups ideas on the basis of terms which describe your product or service related to what you’re advertising. Not just this, you can also choose to enter or upload a list of keywords. You also have the option of multiplying two or more lists of keywords so as to create a new list which would combine your keywords.
  • Get historical statistics. Example: number of times people have searched for a keyword or its competitiveness.
  • Get traffic estimates. Example: number of clicks and impressions keywords can get for given bid or budget.

Apart from this, we also make use of other tools such as LSI Graph, SEMrush, etc.

So let’s work towards multiplying returns on your content & PPC efforts.


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