FreshSales CRM Tracking

• FreshSales installation so that all leads are transferred without any leakage

• Creation of Sales Dashboard & Marketing Dashboard for proper reporting of progress.

• Addition of useful forms with integrations to the website

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Are you getting enough leads for your sales process and want to manage it professionally? The fastest way to do so is by installing FreshSales for your website. It’ll enable all your leads to seamlessly transfer to FreshSales without any leakage.

What are the advantages of FreshSales CRM?

Other than being able to manage leads professionally, it provides following advantages:

  1. Helps you know the customer: You can find out whether a visitor is a recurring customer or a new prospect before you engage with them. Get notified when a hot prospect returns to your website, view their deals in the pipeline, and prioritize your engagements accordingly.
  2. Ensure no leakage: If your website gets a lot of visitors every day, it’s quite easy to miss out on few hot prospects who browsed your site. Using FreshSales,  visitors can be automatically segmented into leads, prospects, and customers. Thus, it ensures that you always know the top people who visited your site.
  3. Know customer’s background: You’ll have the entire history of customer interactions so that you can personalize all future engagements. Thus, all the information can be saved as notes.

You’ll be able to group people in 3 categories:

  • Customers – It’ll have visitor tracking details who have already taken your service or product.
  • Potential Customers – It’ll include contacts with at least one potential in pipeline.
  • Leads/Contacts – Any contacts which do not fall in above 2 categories will fall in this category.

Thus, using different features of FreshSales, you can keep all your sales organised at one place and manage them well, knowing all the information that is needed for future interaction.

We’ll help you create a sales and marketing dashboard for proper progress reporting. Moreover, useful forms will be added and integrations will be done with the website. So, what’s the wait for? Let’s shoot up that business of yours!


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