Automated Daily Reporting

• Reporting Dashboard on Google Sheets

• Daily emails of report

• Track progress of your ad campaign



Want to get a progress report on your Marketing performance daily? Our automation scripts will generate automated daily reports on Spends and Sales on a reporting dashboard and send it on your email. So, you’ll always have a track of the marketing budgets and revenues.

The pricing is based on Google Analytics Dimensions and Metrics.

Dimensions are attributes of your data. For example, the dimension City indicates the city, for example, “Paris” or “New York”, from which a session originates. The dimension Page indicates the URL of the page viewed.

Metrics are quantitative measurements. The metric sessions is the total number of sessions. The metric Pages/Session defines the average number of pages viewed per session.

In Google Analytics, we can see only up to second dimension, but our scripts can provide any no. of matching dimensions. The top used dimensions are Source/Medium, Campaign, Ad Group, Keyword, Search Query, Device and City. The top used metrics include Cost, Sessions, Users, Bounce Rate and Transactions.

All reporting can be automated to reflect daily on a Google sheet report or a custom dashboard. This report will simultaneously be emailed to you so that you’ll never miss any significant alerts on your ad campaigns and keep a track of the progress! Thus, automating reporting will take the mundane task of manual reporting out of your task list and save your time.

Moreover, the automated daily reports generated are dynamic. Thus, whenever there is an update to the data source, the updated data will automatically show as new information on any reports that reference the source. As a result, you’ll start loving reports and will be able to get insights faster. This will help you to take prompt action and optimise campaigns properly.


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