Data Studio Dashboard

• Present intimidating data in an easy to comprehend format

• Include multiple channels such as Google , Facebook, Twitter, etc.

• Get insights faster

• Help you to take prompt action & optimise campaigns



Want customised Business Analytics reports combining all marketing channels? Google Data Studio Dashboard is the answer to present intimidating data in an easy to comprehend format for business owners & marketers.

What is Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio is everything you need to turn the analytics data of your client into informational, easy-to-comprehend reports through data visualization.

Why do You Need it?

The best things about reports on Google Data Studio is that they are easy to read and share. Not just this, they are also customizable as per the need of each of your clients.  How, you ask? Well, you can choose how you want to present the information or data. You can choose bar graphs, charts, line graphs and much more. For better and customised presentation, you can also change fonts, colors and brand the reports with your logo.

You also have the option to include 1 ad account for every ad channel including social media such as Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Microsoft Advertising, LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, Yahoo Gemini, etc. This will be combined with Google Analytics for data reporting.

Another good thing about this data reporting dashboard is the fact that the reports generated are dynamic. Thus, whenever there is an update to the data source, the updated data will automatically show as new information on any reports that reference the source. This will save you of the mechanical task of collecting the data and updating it manually.

With Google Data Studio Dashboard, you’ll love your reports and will be able to get insights faster. This will help you to take prompt action and optimise campaigns properly.

Pricing includes subscription of Data Source connector Supermetrics for 1 year. Thereafter, renewal charges will incur.


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