Email Marketing Automation

• Send automated email templates to your customer segments

• Set up various email templates for customer segments & schedule triggers accordingly

• Better conversions from Cart Abandoners & Product Visitors



Want to send automated email templates to customer segments? Then email marketing automation is exactly what you need. Using this, you can save your time and utilise it for other marketing activities.

Our Services:

  • Set up various email templates for your customer segments.
  • Also, the schedule will be triggered accordingly.
  • This will ensure better conversions from Cart Abandoners and Product Visitors.


  • Keep your brand on top of the customer’s mind. Thus, whenever he is ready to shop, your brand’s name will be the first to come to his mind.
  • Save you of all the manual work. You no longer have to worry about sending emails manually. Automation is the way!
  • Creative email templates available. You can choose from the creative templates available the one which suits your product better and go for it
  • Saves time.



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