SEO Competitor Research

• Analyse multiple competitor websites ranking on target keywords for your relevant geography

• Analysis of monthly search volumes on Google Search along with CPC (Cost per Click)

• Analysis on multiple SEO parameters (On-Page, Off-page, etc) using top tools like Semrush, SpyFu and Ahrefs



Focus on what matters and do it the absolute right way, with us at Intellemo. The power of keywords is gaining ground and we’re right by your side to help you master it.

Why SEO Competitor Research?

  • This will enable you to know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitor.
  • Since you’ll get a detailed report, you’ll be able to analyse what makes your competitor rank ahead of you.
  • Also, you’ll get a set of recommendations following which you can take over other brands in SEO.
  • By doing this, you’ll also get to know about your own strengths and weaknesses and how you compare to other brands. This will help you improve the SEO further.

Our Sevices:

  • We will do a thorough analysis of your competitors’ websites rankings basis your target keywords for the relevant geography.
  • A consolidated report with all keywords with monthly search volumes on Google search along with CPC shall be handed over to you.
  • We’ll further do analysis on multiple SEO parameters such as On-Page & Offpage using top tools like Semrush, SpyFu and Ahrefs.



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