Facebook Remarketing Campaign

• Show display ads to the users who visited certain pages

• Set up audiences that track user behaviour

• Set up the ads and the campaign.

• Media Spends are not included.



Do you want to show display ads to the people who have visited your site? Then, setting up Facebook Display Remarketing is highly recommended.

We’ll help you launch Facebook Remarketing Campaign targeting your website visitors. For this, we’ll also set up tracking pixels, ads and the campaign accordingly.

What is Facebook Remarketing?

When you run ads targeted towards the past visitors of your website on Facebook, it is known as Facebook Remarketing.

Use the Fb tracking pixel to identify visitors who bounced from your site. Thereafter, you can run targeted ads based on the user behavior to target this section of audience. Also, Facebook gives you precise targeting options so that you can target a niche audience.

For example, you could offer a Fb-exclusive coupon code or discount or freebie. This would work to incentivise the audience section who have abandoned their cart to complete the purchase.

Why Facebook Retargeting Campaigns?

More than 70% of people keep products in their carts unless triggered. While such people browse through the content of several Facebook pages, retargeting ads are shown to this particular audience section. Through these display ads, users see those products that had interested them once.

This way, by tracking user behaviour, targeting people for remarketing your products becomes easier.

With the onset of social media platforms, Remarketing Campaigns on fb are becoming the talk of the day amongst marketing strategists. Statistics also show that setting up good retargeting campaigns on fb can recover nearly 1 in 4 of every sale lost due to common cart abandonment. Thus, smart display of ads to the target audience can give a huge boost to the sales of your products or services. With precise targeting options available, fb is no less than a boon.

With all these advantages and benefits available, Facebook Remarketing Campaign for your products is certainly a must-have.


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