Messenger Chatbot Campaign

• Facebook Messenger Subscriber Growth

• Drive engagement, answer queries & guide users to make more purchases

• Comment to Growth and Direct Message campaigns

• Regular broadcasts to send notifications about sale campaigns

• Send event content by subscribing them to sequenced campaigns



Start Facebook Campaign to drive up your Chatbot Subscribers. It includes mainly Comment to Growth and Direct Message Campaigns on Facebook.

After increasing subscribers, they can be also be made part of regular broadcasts to send notifications about various sale campaigns.

Also, event content can be sent to them by subscribing them to sequenced campaigns.


  • Support availability anytime
  • You can thus stay in touch with customers without personally contacting them with real-time assistance
  • Implementing a full functioning chatbot is also way cheaper and faster than creating a cross-platform app or hiring employees
  • It is also known to bring higher engagement and sales

Our Services:

  • We’ll set-up your Facebook messenger Chatbot to drive engagement with the users, answer their queries and grade them to make more purchases.
  • The monthly subscription charges of Chatbot platform like ManyChat / Chatfuel are not included.
  • The pricing is structured according to the no. of message blocks required to setup an automated Chatbot conversation.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to having higher conversions, Messenger Chatbot Campaign is must for you. Using our services, you can easily create and implement Messenger Chatbot Campaign effectively and efficiently.


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