Tiktok Video Ads

• Reach out to target audience on TikTok in the most cost effective manner

• Set up a campaign on TikTok with precise targeting options in relevant geography.

• Set up to 5 creative ad sets as per assets provided on your Website or Social Media channels

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Do you want to reach out to your target audience on TikTok in the most cost-effective manner? Then, you can set up TikTok Ads Campaign with relevant targeting options to reach the target consumers.

Why TikTok Ads?

  • It is no secret that TikTok has a huge audience. This base holds vast potential and can be utilised for your marketing needs.
    You can run your ad on a vast audience and help to build brand awareness.
  • Therefore, you can use this platform to advertise your product. Then, you’ll be able to reach millions of people who come here everyday.
  • This popularity of TikTok can be utilised by your brand for running engaging video ads.


Our Services:

  • You can select from top the number of ads that you’d like to purchase for running video ads on TikTok. The amount will be calculated automatically as you keep selecting the number, thus, keeping the prices transparent.
  • We’ll ensure time-bound delivery of the same.
  • Also, we’ll help you set up the campaign along with the targeting options.
  • We’ll leverage the assets provided on your Website or Social Media channels.
  • Moreover, we’ll also create engaging creatives by editing those assets or new stock photos to attract consumer interest.
  • Also, all the ads will be unique.


What is a Unique Ad?

  • The package variations are priced depending on the number of ads you select.
  • Say the ad is running for 10 different audiences, it would still be counted as One Ad.
  • One unique ad will comprise of a unique creative as per the assets available.


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