WordPress Speed Booster

• Image Compression & CSS/JS Compression

• Image CDN (Content Delivery Network) Implementation

• Upgradation of Hosting Plan (extra Hosting charges)

• Enhanced conversion rates

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Google started using site speed as a ranking signal in their algorithm way back in 2010. Even today, it continues to serve as one of the many crucial factors that determine where your website will show up in the search results. Also, in a study, it was found that websites which load within 5 seconds had 70% longer sessions. Not just this, they had 35% lower bounce rates and 25% higher ad viewability.

Having a fast website is crucial for SEO and for enhancing the conversion rates. It loads the web pages faster and improves user experience. You can improve the page loading speed using the WordPress Speed Booster pack provided by us. Good loading speed is also known to increase user engagement and often get a lot of social share.

What Will We Do?

To speed up your WordPress, we optimise the website performance using:

1. Dedicated Server Hosting on Google Cloud ($300 Free Signup Credit)

2. Free Standard SSL by Let’s Encrypt

3. Image Compression

4. CSS/JS Compression

5. Implementing Image CDN (Content Delivery Network)

A combination of all the above stated steps will decrease the load time and help your website load faster. This will help users stick to your site and decrease bounce rate.

Benefits of  Fast Website

We can summarise the benefits of having fast speed as:

a) Improves google rank

b) Increases user engagement

c) Decreases bounce rate

d) Increase social shares

e) Improves conversions


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